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Not Far Away is a fiercely non-partisan civics and voter education podcast from the Chillicothe-Ross League of Women Voters. Established to enhance voter learning, civic participation, and civil dialogue around issues that matter, you will find a wealth of information, resources, and community connection in this audio offering of local League of Women Voters members in Ross County, Ohio. We know from experience that divisive politics and partisan polarization don’t have the last word in communities of thoughtful, courageous people because at our core - in our common hopes and shared values - we’re really not far away.

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Saturday Aug 26, 2023

In this first installment of our Reproductive Freedom Series we hear from Lauren and Anna Belle about their hopes, fears, and frustrations surrounding the upcoming November vote on a constitutional ballot initiative that would enshrine reproductive rights into Ohio law. Addressing the five main parts of the proposed amendment - birth control, miscarriage care, the right to continue one's own pregnancy, fertility treatment, and abortion - our guests open up about what life is like as Appalachians who need access to reproductive healthcare.
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Show NotesOhio's 32 Appalachian Counties -
Birth Control, "The Pill" -
Birth Control, Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) -
Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio -
Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio -
Ohio Abortion Clinics -
Ohio's Gerrymandering Problem (League of Women Voters of Ohio Publication) -
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Episode 3 Voices: Lauren Baker, Anna Belle Justice, Rev. Terry WilliamsSound Tech: Rev. Terry Williams

Saturday Aug 26, 2023

Listen in to this roundtable episode as members of the Chillicothe Ross League of Women Voters talk about media bias, the danger of voter manipulation, and how powerful an informed voter can be. From dark money in Ohio politics to the science of human bias and change resistance, you're sure to come away from this episode with some new tools in your pocket to combat the confusion that seems to come with the territory of modern electoral politics in the Buckeye State.
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Non-Partisan "One-Stop-Shop" for Election Information from the League of Women Voters Education Fund -
A History of Dark Money in Ohio Politics -
Media Bias Ratings -
Ballotpedia, Historical and Current Election Information -
The Fundamental Attribution Error Explained -
Israel-Palestine Media Bias Study (mentioned in episode) -
League of Women Voters of the United States Positions -
League of Women Voters of Ohio Positions -
Digital Literacy -
Campaign Finance Disclosures in Ohio -
Chillicothe Ross League of Women Voters Website -
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Episode 2 Voices: Lauren Baker, Tonia Brown, Bartow Henshaw, Melissa Green, Sheila Stearos, Rev. Terry Williams
Sound Tech: Rev. Terry Williams

Ep. 1 - Voting Basics Explained

Saturday Aug 26, 2023

Saturday Aug 26, 2023

Did you know you can register to vote online in Ohio? Listen in for a how-to on voter registration, a rundown of new-for-2023 voter ID laws, and some awesome history about voting rights in Ohio and beyond in this inaugural episode of Not Far Away!
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Chillicothe Ross League of Women Voters Website -
Register to Vote in Ohio -
The History of Voting Rights in the U.S. -
New 2023 Ohio Voter ID Requirements -
Full Text of 2022 Voter ID Law HB458 -
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Episode 1 Voices: Lauren Baker, Tonia Brown, Bartow HenshawSound Tech: Rev. Terry Williams

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